SRS Officers

Henry VanBrocklin, PhD, Director of Radiopharmaceutical Research, UCSF, USA 
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Jae-Min Jeong, PhD, Professor, Department of Nuclear Medicine, Seoul National University, Korea
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Immediate Past President
Albert Windhorst, PhD
Head of Radiopharmaceutical Chemistry, VU University, Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Sally Schwarz, MS, RPh, BCNP
Director of Clinical PET Radiopharmaceutical Production, MIR, Washington University.
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Director at Large
Tim DeGrado, PhD
Chief, Molecular Imaging Research Laboratory, Mayo Clinic, USA
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Executive Director
Charles Metzger
President of Metzger, Mabry & Associates
223 Green Oaks Loop, Fredericksburg, TX 78624-4576
+1 (830) 370-6554

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Our Society Today: Growing Stronger Together

The SRS pursues its mission to advance excellence in radiopharmaceutical science education and research via the following activities:

  • Supporting educational programs to train scientists in the field
  • Disseminating information concerning radiopharmaceutical sciences by sponsoring scientific and professional publications
  • Fostering meetings which enhance understanding of the impact of radiopharmaceuticals on both normal and pathological biological phenomena
  • Striving to improve the welfare of mankind by maintaining and advancing the highest possible standards in education, in research, and in the practice of the radiopharmaceutical sciences

To the right is information about our Officers. Below is a complete list of Board Members who serve as SRS trustees and provide oversight and governance:

Michael J. Adam, PhD, TRIUMF, Canada, adam(at)

Yearn Seong Choe, PhD, Samsung Medical Center, South Korea, ysnm.choe(at)

Tim DeGrado, PhD, Mayo Clinic, USA, DeGrado.Timothy(at)

Frédéric Dollé, PhD, CEA, France, frederic.dolle(at)

Yasuhisa Fujibayashi, PhD, National Institute of Radiological Sciences, Japan, yfuji(at)

Antony Gee, PhD, King's College London, UK,

Jae Min Jeong, PhD, Seoul National University Hosp, South Korea, jmjng(at)

Yuji Kuge, PhD, Hokkaido University, Japan, kuge(at)

Suzanne E. Lapi, PhD, Washington University at St. Louis, lapis(at)

Jason Lewis, PhD, Memorial Sloane-Kettering Cancer Center, USA, lewisj2(at)

Robert Mach, PhD, University of Pennsylvania, USA, rmach(at)

Eyal Mishani, PhD, Hadassah Medical Organization, Israel, eyalmi(at)

Roger Schibli, PhD, ETH Zurich, Switzerland, roger.schibli(at)pharma.ethzich

Sally Schwarz, RPh, Washington University School of Med, USA, SchwarzS(at)

Henry VanBrocklin, PhD, UCSF, henry.vanbrocklin(at)

Albert Windhorst, PhD, VU University Medical Center, Netherlands, ad.windhorst(at)



The bylaws of the SRS outline how the organization will govern its affairs and accomplish its mission. Learn more

The SRS also has a very well defined Code of Practice, which outlines many of the specific, operational issues for the operations of the Society. Learn more

After reviewing these materials and this website, should you have additional questions regarding the organization, please contact the Executive Director, Charles Metzger.