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Nuclear Medicine and Biology:
Official Journal of the SRS

Nuclear Medicine and Biology publishes original research addressing all aspects of radiopharmaceutical science: synthesis, in vitro and ex vivo studies, in vivo biodistribution by dissection or imaging, radiopharmacology, radiopharmacy, and translational clinical studies of new targeted radiotracers. The importance of the target to an unmet clinical need should be the first consideration. If the synthesis of a new radiopharmaceutical is submitted without in vitro or in vivo data, then the uniqueness of the chemistry must be emphasized.

April 2017 Issue (44:4) Table of Contents

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  • PET studies in non-human primates: Choosing drug doses
    Michael R. Kilbourn
  • Synthesis and evaluation of a 99mTc tricarbonyl-labeled somatostatin receptor-targeting antagonist peptide for imaging of neuroendocrine tumors
    Lauren Radford, Fabio Gallazzi, Lisa Watkinson, Terry Carmack, Ashley Berendzen, Michael R. Lewis, Silvia S. Jurisson, Dionysia Papagiannopoulou, Heather M. Hennkens 
  • Nanozeolite bioconjugates labeled with 223-Ra for targeted alpha therapy
    Agata Piotrowska, Sylwia Męczyńska-Wielgosz, Agnieszka Majkowska-Pilip, Przemysław Koźmiński, Grzegorz Wójciuk, Edyta Cędrowska, Frank Bruchertseifer, Alfred Morgenstern, Marcin Kruszewski, Aleksander Bilewicz 
  • Quantitation of rat cerebral blood flow using 99mTc-HMPAO
    Chie Suzuki, Shintaro Kimura, Mutsumi Kosugi, Yasuhiro Magata 
  • B7-H3-targeted 212-Pb radioimmunotherapy of ovarian cancer in preclinical models
    Benjamin B. Kasten, Rebecca C. Arend, Ashwini A. Katre, Harrison Kim, Jinda Fan, Soldano Ferrone, Kurt R. Zinn, Donald J. Buchsbaum 
  • Cannabinoid receptor type 2 (CB2) as one of the candidate genes in human carotid plaque imaging: Evaluation of the novel radiotracer [11C]RS-016 targeting CB2 in atherosclerosis
    Romana Meletta, Roger Slavik, Linjing Mu, Zoran Rancic, Nicole Borel, Roger Schibli, Simon M. Ametamey, Stefanie D. Krämer, Adrienne Müller Herde 
  • Investigation of 123-I production using electron accelerator
    Albert Avetisyan, Robert Avagyan, Ruben Dallakyan, Gohar Avdalyan, Nikolay Dobrovolsky, Vasak Gavalyan, Ivetta Kerobyan, Gevorg Harutyunyan 
  • Monoanionic 99mTc-tricarbonyl-aminopolycarboxylate complexes with uncharged pendant groups: Radiosynthesis and evaluation as potential renal tubular tracers
    Malgorzata Lipowska, Jeffrey Klenc, Nashwa Jarkas, Luigi G. Marzilli, Andrew T. Taylor 
  • A multi species evaluation of the radiation dosimetry of [11C]erlotinib, the radiolabeled analog of a clinically utilized tyrosine kinase inhibitor
    J. Ryan Petrulli, Søren B. Hansen, Galith Abourbeh, Maqsood Yaqub, Idris Bahce, Daniel Holden, Yiyun Huang, Nabeel B. Nabulsi, Joseph N. Contessa, Eyal Mishani, Adriaan A. Lammertsma, Evan D. Morris 
  • PET imaging of 64Cu-DOTA-scFv-anti-PSMA lipid nanoparticles (LNPs): Enhanced tumor targeting over anti-PSMA scFv or untargeted LNPs
    Patty Wong, Lin Li, Junie Chea, Melissa K. Delgado, Desiree Crow, Erasmus Poku, Barbara Szpikowska, Nicole Bowles, Divya Channappa, David Colcher, Jeffrey Y.C. Wong, John E. Shively, Paul J. Yazaki