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Nuclear Medicine and Biology publishes original research addressing all aspects of radiopharmaceutical science: synthesis, in vitro and ex vivo studies, in vivo biodistribution by dissection or imaging, radiopharmacology, radiopharmacy, and translational clinical studies of new targeted radiotracers. The importance of the target to an unmet clinical need should be the first consideration. If the synthesis of a new radiopharmaceutical is submitted without in vitro or in vivo data, then the uniqueness of the chemistry must be emphasized.

NOVEMBER Issue (Vol. 66) Table of Contents

Fluorine-18 labeled diphenyl sulfide derivatives for imaging serotonin transporter (SERT) in the brain 
Yan Zhang, Futao Liu, Hao Xiao, Xinyue Yao, Genxun Li, Seok Rye Choi, Karl Ploessl, Zhihao Zha, Lin Zhu, Hank F. Kung 

Effects of adding an albumin binder chain on [177Lu]Lu-DOTATATE 
Etienne Rousseau, Joseph Lau, Zhengxing Zhang, Carlos F. Uribe, Hsiou-Ting Kuo, Chengcheng Zhang, Jutta Zeisler, Nadine Colpo, Kuo-Shyan Lin, François Bénard 

[99mTc]Tc-duramycin, a potential molecular probe for early prediction of tumor response after chemotherapy 
Yi Li, Cheng Liu, Xiaoping Xu, Xiaoling Lu, Jianming Luo, Brian Gray, Koon Y. Pak, Jingyi Cheng, Yingjian Zhang 

Preliminary evaluation of a novel 18F-labeled PARP-1 ligand for PET imaging of PARP-1 expression in prostate cancer 
Dong Zhou, Jinbin Xu, Cedric Mpoy, Wenhua Chu, Sung Hoon Kim, Huifangjie Li, Buck E. Rogers, John A. Katzenellenbogen 

Assessing the feasibility of intranasal radiotracer administration for in brain PET imaging 
Nisha Singh, Mattia Veronese, Jim O'Doherty, Teresa Sementa, Salvatore Bongarzone, Diana Cash, Camilla Simmons, Marco Arcolin, Paul K. Marsden, Antony Gee, Federico E. Turkheimer 
Open Access

Synthesis and evaluation of an N-[18F]fluorodeoxyglycosyl amino acid for PET imaging of tumor metabolism 
Zhifang Wu, Jingxin Ma, Anna-liisa Brownell, Hongliang Wang, Chaomin Li, Xiaxia Meng, Ling Yuan, Haiyan Liu, Sijin Li, Jun Xie 

Dynamic TSPO-PET for assessing early effects of cerebral hypoxia and resuscitation in new born pigs 
Charlotte de Lange, Rønnaug Solberg, Jon Erik Holtedahl, Andreas Tulipan, Jon Barlinn, William Trigg, Torild Wickstrøm, Ola Didrik Saugstad, Eirik Malinen, Mona Elisabeth Revheim 

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