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To successfully login to the member-only portions of the SRS site, your Internet browser must be:

  • Javascript enabled
  • Configured to accept cookies

Both these requirements are nearly-universal browser capabilities. You also need to supply your:

  • Email address associated with your SRS/123signup profite
  • Password associated with your SRS/123signup profile

If you do not know which email is associated with your SRS/123signup profile, please try to access your profile with the email address you believe is the one associated with your profile. If trying one or two email address proves unsuccessful, please contact the SRS office to request this information.

If you have forgotten your password, when you attempt to access your profile, you can request that a new, automatically-generated password (e.g. "71e3x9z") be sent to your email address associated with your profile. Then you can login to your SRS/123signup profile and modify your password to something more memorable. Then you should be able to login directly to the SRS website.

If these steps do not resolve your access problems, please contact the SRS office:
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Telephone: +1 (830) 370-6554