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Nuclear Medicine and Biology publishes original research addressing all aspects of radiopharmaceutical science: synthesis, in vitro and ex vivo studies, in vivo biodistribution by dissection or imaging, radiopharmacology, radiopharmacy, and translational clinical studies of new targeted radiotracers. The importance of the target to an unmet clinical need should be the first consideration. If the synthesis of a new radiopharmaceutical is submitted without in vitro or in vivo data, then the uniqueness of the chemistry must be emphasized.

APR 2019 (Vol 71) Table of Contents

Synthesis and preclinical evaluation of the CRTH2 antagonist [11C]MK-7246 as a novel PET tracer and potential surrogate marker for pancreatic beta-cell mass
Jonas Eriksson, Tamal Roy, Supaporn Sawadjoon, Kim Bachmann, ... Luke R. Odell

Blood and urine analyses after radioembolization of liver malignancies with [166Ho]Ho-acetylacetonate-poly(l-lactic acid) microspheres
Robbert C. Bakker, Remmert de Roos, F.F. Tessa Ververs, Marnix G.E.H. Lam, ... Gerard C. Krijger

Status of the ‘consensus nomenclature rules in radiopharmaceutical sciences’ initiative
Heinz H. Coenen, Antony D. Gee, Michael Adam, Gunnar Antoni, ... Albert D. Windhorst

On-cartridge preparation and evaluation of 68Ga-, 89Zr- and 64Cu-precursors for cell radiolabelling
A. Socan, M. Petrik, P. Kolenc Peitl, M. Krošelj, ... C. Decristoforo

A rapid bead-based radioligand binding assay for the determination of target-binding fraction and quality control of radiopharmaceuticals
Sai Kiran Sharma, Serge K. Lyashchenko, Hijin A. Park, Nagavarakishore Pillarsetty, ... Jason S. Lewis

Somatostatin receptor targeting with hydrophilic [99mTc/186Re]Tc/Re-tricarbonyl NODAGA and NOTA complexes
George Makris, Marina Kuchuk, Fabio Gallazzi, Silvia S. Jurisson, ... Heather M. Hennkens

68Ga-DOTATOC PET/CT in the localization of head and neck paraganglioma compared with 18F-DOPA PET/CT and123I-MIBG SPECT/CT
Alexander Stephan Kroiss, Christian Uprimny, Barry Lynn Shulkin, Leonhard Gruber, ... Irene Johanna Virgolini

Optimization of solid-phase extraction (SPE) in the preparation of [18F]D3FSP: A new PET imaging agent for mapping Aβ plaques
Xinyue Yao, Zhihao Zha, Ruiyue Zhao, Seok Rye Choi, ... Hank F. Kung

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