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Nuclear Medicine and Biology publishes original research addressing all aspects of radiopharmaceutical science: synthesis, in vitro and ex vivo studies, in vivo biodistribution by dissection or imaging, radiopharmacology, radiopharmacy, and translational clinical studies of new targeted radiotracers. The importance of the target to an unmet clinical need should be the first consideration. If the synthesis of a new radiopharmaceutical is submitted without in vitro or in vivo data, then the uniqueness of the chemistry must be emphasized.

September - October Issue (Vol. 64-65) Table of Contents

Evaluation of a chloride-based 89Zr isolation strategy using a tributyl phosphate (TBP)-functionalized extraction resin 
Stephen A. Graves, Christopher Kutyreff, Kendall E. Barrett, Reinier Hernandez, Paul A. Ellison, Steffen Happel, Eduardo Aluicio-Sarduy, Todd E. Barnhart, Robert J. Nickles, Jonathan W. Engle 

Influence of transport line material on the molar activity of cyclotron produced [18F]fluoride 
Nina Savisto, Jörgen Bergman, Jussi Aromaa, Sarita Forsback, Olli Eskola, Tapio Viljanen, Johan Rajander, Stefan Johansson, Julian Grigg, Sajinder Luthra, Olof Solin 

Semi-automated system for concentrating 68Ga-eluate to obtain high molar and volume concentration of 68Ga-Radiopharmaca for preclinical applications 
Erik de Blois, Rory M.S. de Zanger, Elisabeth Oehlke, Ho Sze Chan, Wouter A.P. Breeman 

Establishment of a method for in-vivo SPECT/CT imaging analysis of111In-labeled exendin-4 pancreatic uptake in mice without the need for nephrectomy or a secondary probe 
Keita Hamamatsu, Hiroyuki Fujimoto, Naotaka Fujita, Takaaki Murakami, Hiroyuki Kimura, Hideo Saji, Nobuya Inagaki 

One-pot enzymatic synthesis of l-[3-11C]lactate for pharmacokinetic analysis of lactate metabolism in rat brain 
Takashi Temma, Hidekazu Kawashima, Naoya Kondo, Makoto Yamazaki, Kazuhiro Koshino, Hidehiro Iida 

Preclinical study of an 18F-labeled glutamine derivative for cancer imaging 
Cong Li, Hui Liu, Dongban Duan, Zhenhan Zhou, Zhibo Liu 

Predicting response to sepantronium bromide (YM155), a survivin suppressant, by PET imaging with [11C]YM155 
Keisuke Mitsuoka, Aya Kita, Yoshihiro Murakami, Kenna Shirasuna, Akihiro Noda, Kentaro Yamanaka, Naoki Kaneko, Sosuke Miyoshi 

Improving metabolic stability of fluorine-18 labeled verapamil analogs 
Renske M. Raaphorst, Gert Luurtsema, Cindy J. Schokker, Khaled A. Attia, Robert C. Schuit, Philip H. Elsinga, Adriaan A. Lammertsma, Albert D. Windhorst 

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