SRS dues renewal and enrollment season is here!

Sally Schwarz, SRS Treasurer

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

The fall season is just beginning, and with it comes the momentum that this season brings. It also begins the SRS membership renewal drive. We want to remind you all that the primary mission of the SRS is to support students and post-doctoral fellows in travel bursaries to present their research results at SRS sponsored and co-sponsored meetings and symposia, and part of your dues go toward funding these efforts. With the renewal of your membership you will receive the following benefits:

  1. Complimentary subscription (e-only) to NMB with full membership ($150.00 USD)
  2. For an additional $30.00 USD you can obtain both electronic & hardcopy journal access
  3. Deeply discounted registration to ISRS 2015—which will be held May 26-31, 2015 at the University of Missouri, in Columbia, MO.
  4. Member-only access to the SRS website.
  5. Optional, discounted rates to the Quarterly Journal of Nuclear Medicine & Molecular Imaging 
  6. Access to the new, online directory for members

We also offer an Emeritus membership for $35.00 (USD) with e-only journal, and $65.00 USD for both electronic & hardcopy journal access. To learn more about membership and to access online enrollment and renewal links, please visit our Membership page.

The SRS website hosts a “Regulatory Corner” for those with member access, containing links to US, EU and Japanese guidance and regulations. These documents provide helpful information for the production of clinical and clinical research PET and SPECT radiopharmaceuticals for investigators involved in clinical development. The member-only section also contains selected presentations from past meetings.

I want to also invite you as a member, to get involved to make your society work toward goals you are interested in achieving. It is through your support that SRS is empowered to grow and flourish. I encourage you to support the SRS, and renew your membership for 2015, or become a new member!

Best regards,

Sally W. Schwarz, MS, BCNP