Your membership supports our commitment to students

Henry VanBrocklin, PhD, SRS PresidentThough it has been over six months since we met at the 21st ISRS in Columbia, Missouri, this is the first NMB letter since that meeting. I would like to thank all of the attendees for your strong scientific contributions and participation in the meeting and workshops. This was a well-attended meeting with over 590 attendees, and we were pleased to offer travel bursaries to assist over 100 students. I am sure that all of you would join me in congratulating the local Organizing Committee (Alan Ketring, Wynn Volkert, Cathy Cutler, Susan Deutscher, Heather Henkins, Timothy Hoffman, Raghuraman Kannan, Kattesh Katti, John Lever, Susan Lever, Michael Lewis, Thomas Quinn, and Jeff Smith) led by Sylvia Jurisson and Barbara Wills, conference coordinator from the University of Missouri, on the successful conference. We look forward to our next scientific meeting in 2017 in Dresden, Germany.

As a reminder to all of our members, the SRS supports student/trainee travel bursaries to non-SRS meetings. Details for this benefit and forms to apply for support are on the SRS website in the “Meetings” section (/meetings/) . Please apply early to allow the SRS Education Committee time to review and approve the application.

Your membership is important to the maintenance of our society and our educational commitment. During the non-meeting years we often see a drop in membership. Our commitment to funding student travel to non-SRS meetings is supported in part by your annual dues. There are several additional member benefits including electronic subscription to Nuclear Medicine and Biology, our official journal, and presentations from the 21st ISRS workshops. We are in the midst of our annual membership renewal and enrollment season, which began in October and will continue for two more months. If you have not already done so, please browse /membership/ to renew your membership today. And please encourage colleagues to join. We appreciate your support to continue the good work of this society.

This is your society, and as members you have a voice in the governance and administration of the society assets. Therefore, I would appreciate hearing your thoughts and ideas on how SRS may better serve the member as well as the profession. Please feel free to email me ( with your thoughts and ideas.