Congratulations and Gratitude

SRS Past President, Wynn VolkertThe SRS continues to make important strides to take advantages of exciting opportunities the global environment offers and to help address the challenges our membership is experiencing in today’s rapidly evolving world. The ISRS 2013 meeting in Jeju, Korea (May 12-17) offers a diverse and strong scientific program highlighting recent advances in radiopharmaceutical research. The SRS remains committed to supporting students and post-doctoral fellows in travel bursaries to present their research results at SRS sponsored and co-sponsored meetings and symposia.

In addition to these activities and notable advances in other areas (e.g., SRS website expansion and upgrades), we have received commitments from esteemed SRS members to serve the Society in leadership positions. The following members will initiate their respective terms of office following the ISRS 2013 meeting:
  • President-Elect: Henry VanBrocklin (President-Elect)
  • Director from the Americas: Michael Adam
  • Director from Europe: Anthony Gee
  • Director from Asia/Oceania: Yearn Seong Choe
  • Director-at-Large: Jason Lewis
Please join me in congratulating our newly elected SRS leaders who will devote considerable energy, expertise and guidance that will ensure a dynamic and effective Society to serve our membership into the future.
I want to take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude to the SRS officers and staff—whom I have had the pleasure of working with during my tenure in office—for their dedication, insights and tireless efforts in their service to our Society and its members. Charles Metzger, Executive Director of the SRS, has done an excellent job since taking over the reins of managing the SRS since the ISRS 2011 meeting and will continue to be a valuable advocate for progressive future changes. The members of the SRS Executive Committee deserve special recognition for the extraordinary contributions of time and leadership. It has been my honor privilege to serve you and the Society, and I look forward to the continued growth and expansion of radiopharmaceutical sciences worldwide.