SRS Leadership decides on Nantes, France for ISRS 2021

Jae Min Jeong, PhD

Jae Min Jeong, PhD

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

The venue of ISRS 2021 was decided to be Nantes by the Board of Directors. Nantes is a beautiful city in France, but why Europe again? ISRS 2017 was in Dresden and ISRS 2019 will be in Beijing. Then ISRS 2021 should be in America, right?

Actually, the selection of ISRS region is regulated by our Code of Practice which states: “Consecutive ISRS meetings in the same geographical area are excluded.” So, after Beijing in 2019, ISRS 2021 could be held either in America or Europe. Generally, America would be preferred since 2017 was in Europe.

One American and two European cities participated for the competition for our 2021 venue. However, the American city did not satisfy some essential conditions of an ISRS venue. That is one of the reasons why our 2021 venue could not be decided during ISRS 2017 in Dresden. Eventually, the Board of Directors decided to select the 2021 venue from the European cities, and Nantes won in the final voting.

On behalf of the SRS, I congratulate Dr. Sandrine Huclier as she assumes the role of ISRS 2021 Program Chair in Nantes, and expect great success of the future symposium.

Jae Min Jeong, Ph.D.
President, Society of Radiopharmaceutical Sciences