IAEA Publications of Interest to Radiopharmaceutical Scientists

IAEA Radioisotopes and Radiopharmaceuticals Series No. 2: Production of Long Lived Parent Radionuclides for Generators: 68Ge, 82Sr, 90Sr and 188W

Technetium-99m Radiopharmaceuticals: Status and Trends, IAEA Radioisotopes and Radiopharmaceuticals Series No. 1, 2009

TRS 471: Cyclotron Produced Radionuclides: Guidelines for Setting up a Facility (5 MB)

TRS 470: therapeutic Radionuclide Generators: 90Sr/90Y and 188W/188Re Generators (5 MB)

TRS 468: Cyclotron Produced Radionuclides: Physical Characteristics and Production Methods (6.8 MB)

TRS 465: Cyclotron Produced Radionuclides: Principle and Practice (5.5 MB)

TRS 466: Technetium-99m Radiopharmaceuticals: Manufacture of Kits (2.18 MB)

Proceeding of the Symposium on Trends in Radiopharmaceuticals ISTR 2005 (Volume 1) (10 MB)

Proceeding of the Symposium on Trends in Radiopharmaceuticals ISTR 2005 (Volume 2) (11 MB)

TRS 458: Comparative Evaluation of Therapeutic Radiopharmaceuticals (6 MB)

TRS 459: Labelling of Small Biomolecules Using Novel Tc-99m Cores (6 MB)

ISTR 2005: Proceedings of the International Symposium on Trends in Radiopharmaceuticals' (10 MB)


Alternative technologies for Tc-99m generators (2.35 MB)

IAEA, December 1995, IAEA- TECDOC -1114

Optimization of production and quality control of therapeutic radionuclides & radiopharmaceuticals (5.55 MB)

IAEA, September 1999, IAEA-TECDOC-1214

99Tcm labelled peptides for imaging of peripheral receptors (3.33 MB)

April 2001, IAEA TECDOC-1228

Therapeutic Applications of Radiopharmaceuticals (9.64 MB)

August 2001, IAEA – TECDOC - 1310

Optimization of Synthesis and Quality Control Procedures for the Preparation of 18F and 123I Labelled Peptides for Nuclear Medicine (2.21 MB)

December 2002, IAEA-TECDOC-1340

Manual for Reactor Produced Radioisotopes (2.41 MB)

January 2003, IAEA-TECDOC-1359

Labelling Techniques of Biomolecules for Targeted Radiotherapy (1.75 MB)

July 2003, IAEA Technical Report Series TRS, 426, 

Development of agents for imaging CNS receptors based on 99Tcm (1.86 MB)

IAEA, September 2004, IAEA- TECDOC – 1414

Development of kits for Tc-99m radiopharmaceuticals for infection imaging (1.95 MB)

September 2004, IAEA-TECDOC-1430

Radioisotope Handling Facilities and Automation of Radioisotope Production (2.28 MB)

Vienna, December 2004, IAEA Technical Reports Series TRS 432.

Standardized High Current Solid Targets for Cyclotron Production of Diagnostic and Therapeutic Radionuclides, STI/DOC/010/432 (2.38 MB)

Vienna, February 2005, IAEA-TECDOC-1498

Development of Radioimmunometric Assays and Kits for Non-clinical Applications (1.77 MB)